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While some domestic property damage such as a gap in a drywall can be tackled by anyone, a property’s electrical infrastructure isn’t something that should be idly tampered without a qualified electrician in attendance. Electrical systems are not only complex, but dangerous, there’s a real possibility of accidentally causing an electrical fires or being electrocuted if you don’t know what you’re doing.  When you contact ElectraCare to help with faulty electrics, we perform a maintenance checklist to ensure that your property’s wiring is safe and up to the UK regulation standard as this is something that is overseen by customers during electrical emergencies.

At ElectraCare Great Budworth we offer repair and maintenance services for a wide range of domestic electrical systems such as fuse boxes, wall sockets as well as appliances you may not have thought of.

Here are some examples of the types of electrical services we provide Great Budworth customers.

Electric Fan Installations

Electric fans are an all-purpose electrical appliance which can not only provide light to a dark room but can also reduce the workload on your property’s air conditioner system. At ElectraCare we’ve installed Electric ceiling fans in homeowner’s bedrooms and living rooms across Great Budworth.

It’s often the case that older houses across Great Budworth weren’t installed with compatible wiring so the installation process of an electric ceiling fan isn’t always a straight forward process.  Electric ceiling fans are an excellent household appliance which can aid a household by reducing their monthly electrical bills. Electric ceiling fans are best installed in hot, stuffy parts of the house which aren’t well ventilated and need a cool breeze to stop them from becoming uncomfortable.

If you and your household are suffering in the hot, stuffy weather you should consider contacting ElectraCare and we’ll get an electrician to install an Electric fan safely and efficiently in your property. Alternatively if you are experiencing an issue with your electric ceiling fan such as flickering lights or abnormal noises one of our electricians can conduct an assessment of the fan’s wiring and plan a fix.

Domestic Exterior Lighting

By introducing exterior lighting to the exterior of your home you can greatly increase the appeal of your home as well as act as an effective deterrent to would-be intruders seeking to gain entry to your home in the cover of darkness.  Unfortunately installing and maintaining electrical appliances in the exterior area of your property can introduce a whole set of challenges.

For example to an unqualified person having to deal with un-level terrain and strict energy requirements can be frustrating and complicated task. As well as having to consider the safety risks associated with exposing electrics to the elements. It can be particular dangerous for a novice to install lighting around an outside pool area.

It’s not worth putting yourself or your family at risk. Contact one of our professional electricians who can safely install exterior lighting in your property without compromising quality. At ElectraCare our professional electricians are equipped with everything they need to install exterior lighting safely and offer you peace of mind that there’s no risk to you or your family.

Upgrading Domestic Appliance Lines

It’s sometimes the case that the older properties across Great Budworth aren’t up to the task of the energy demands of domestic electrical appliances of today. This can be a major pain for homeowners needing to replace an old appliance such as an oven or modern TV and can make them feel they’re stuck in the Stone Age. Luckily ElectraCare are able to upgrade the electrical systems of Great Budworth homes prior to the installation of new appliances. Our expert electricians ensure that the wiring of domestic appliances are installed with very own dedicated circuit which ensures that if an electrical problem were to occur with your new appliance, the issue would be isolated which not only protects you and your property but makes it easy to troubleshoot and get fixed.

This is one of ElectraCare’s most popular services and should be considering if you’re planning on getting any new power hungry domestic appliance such as dishwashers or a new array of exterior lighting. This service isn’t something which should be idly overlooked, particularly for residents of properties which house multiple families. Don’t take the risk, contact ElectraCare today as you never know when your domestic electrics are at breaking point.

Power Plug Outlet Repair or Installation

At ElectraCare our electricians can do far more than fix a malfunctioning power outlet our expert electricians possess the knowhow to install completely new ones throughout your property. As technology advances and we purchase more and more electrical devices throughout the home, plug sockets are needed in higher capacity in domestic properties.

Have you ever been sitting in your living room, busy on your phone which urgently needs a charge only to discover that the nearest outlet was on complete other side of the room and already connected to other devices?

Power Plug Outlet placement has actually become a significant factor when homeowners sell or rent out their property as most people want to have seamless access to plugs for their electronic devices. However it’s not as simple as just installing as many power outlets in your property as possible, One of our expert electricians will be able to assess the power capacity of your home’s electrical system to establish what kind of power outlet is the appropriate.  It’s recommended that home-owners of older homes contact their local electrician if they believe their property would benefit from a circuit breaker protection. After an initial inspection is conducted of your Great Budworth property’s electrics an ElectraCare electrician can implement a vast range of outlet types and and switches for all your property’s needs.

Fuse Panel Upgrades

A domestic electrical system can be complex and overwhelming to the untrained eye and technical issues may not be contained to a particular plug or area of your home. It’s important that your home’s electrical system is thoroughly checked by an expert electrician particularly if you’re thinking of expanding to a faulty electrical system.

How do I identify a faulty electrical system?

There are some key things to look out for when identifying faulty electrical systems such as the spontaneous event of multiple fuses blowing at once, as well as audible crackling coming from the fuse box itself, as well as outlets becoming very hot when you touch them. However there are some warnings which can only identified by an electrician with the right equipment. Contact ElectraCare today and one of our professional electricians will carry out a full inspection of your electrical system and can be scheduled for yearly visits to ensure that electrical hazards are identified and dealt with early. A Fuse panel upgrade has many advantages such enabling your electrical system to cope with the demands and power requirements of today’s appliances as well as providing a leap in safety for the electrics in your home.


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