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What Is The Difference Between An Electrician And An Auto Electrician?

Auto electricians and domestic electricians are both skilled specialists who work with complex electrical systems; however, an auto electrician primarily works on repairing and diagnosing the electrical systems in vehicles. How a domestic electrician differs from an auto electrician is that they primarily work on repairing and installing sophisticated electrical work carried out in homes in London, whether it is an installation, repair or safety inspection.

At Brainium Electrical Solutions, we provide both auto electrician and domestic electrical services to homeowners and motorists in London.

On our dedicated service pages, we will go into further detail on the types of services we provide for each service and the processes involved in each. First, let us better understand the types of tasks our London auto electricians and electricians can help you with.

What Tasks Can A London Auto Electrician Help With?

Auto electricians can help local motorists with specialist tasks such as the rewiring of vehicles and performing essential maintenance or repairs. Our London auto electrician typically helps with tasks such as repairing computerised car equipment, replacing components, or upgrading systems such as wiring, alarms, radio communications, and sound equipment.

Some of the most common repair tasks an auto electrician may carry out are replacing defective parts linked to the charging system, such as the battery and alternator.

Our London auto electricians can also aid in tasks such as;

Can Any Electrician Work On Cars?

An electrician must have completed an automotive electrical program to enable them to work on cars. The majority of electricians in London or the UK have not completed an automotive electrical program as they need to complete a Diploma in Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Competence; however, with more and more London motorists looking to buy electric cars, the demand for auto electricians is likely to increase substantially.

If an electrician has completed the accreditation process for automotive electricians, as described above, they can perform car diagnostics and repairs. To claim the title of auto electricians, one must undergo years and years of intense training and real-world work experience with other auto electricians.

At Brainium Electrical Solutions, we have a dedicated phone number for our London auto electrician services and another phone number for our London electrician services.

What Tasks Can An Electrician In London Help With?

The types of tasks an electrician in London can perform are very much dependent on the training and expertise of the individual electrician; however, they typically help London homeowners with essential tasks like Electrical Installations, Electrical Repairs, Electrical Upgrades and Safety Inspections.

Hiring a qualified and licensed electrician in London is essential to ensure all electrical work is performed safely and following UK electrical safety regulations.

Electrical work can be dangerous, so you should always contact a professional electrician or auto electrician in London with the extensive knowledge and training necessary to perform tasks safely and efficiently.

How Much Do Electricians Cost In London?

London and the southeast are well known as being among the costliest places in Britain to hire an electrician, with an hourly rate averaging £45.

Depending on what London electrician you go with, they may charge you a set fee for specific services; for instance, rewiring can range anywhere between £2000 for one-bedroom homes to over £8000 when servicing five-bedroom houses.

Here is a breakdown of some of the average costs for popular electrician services in London:

While electrical services in London may be relatively expensive, it is essential to remember that these costs often reflect the quality, safety, and expertise the London electricians bring to their work.

 You should obtain multiple quotes and choose a London electrician who balances price and quality fairly. Also, please ensure that the London electrician is appropriately licensed and insured to provide peace of mind and protection in case of any issues.

What Is Classed As An Electrical Emergency?

London homeowners should watch for frequent power outages, burning smells or signs of visual damage near plug sockets as these can be catalysts for serious safety concerns, and you should contact an emergency electrician immediately.

 Here are five scenarios which constitute an electrical emergency for London homeowners;

Regular Power Outages

Many London homeowners regard the occasional power outage as a mere inconvenience, not an electrical emergency.

This is often because they do not understand that power outages often signify a fault with an electrical appliance or socket, which could potentially escalate into an electrical fire or be an electrocution risk.

It is not uncommon to experience brief and restricted power outages that could be attributed to various factors such as natural weather conditions, scheduled external maintenance work, a single malfunctioning piece of equipment or a household appliance.

Sparks Coming From Power Outlet

If you ever come across electrical sparks or flames, it indicates an electrical emergency, and it is vital to take immediate action to avoid potential harm or damage.

 Do not hesitate to act if you detect sparks emanating from a power outlet or notice a fire from any electrical system,

To begin with, switch off the electricity in that part of the property, which you can do by locating the fuse board and finding the affected circuit.

 It is important to note that each circuit, such as kitchen and floor sockets, should be clearly highlighted. Once you have located the affected circuit, switch the breaker to the off position and un-attach the plug from the power socket.

After taking these initial steps, contacting our local London electrician is essential as soon as possible. Our London electrician will perform the needed repairs to ensure it does not occur again. Remember, taking swift action is key when it comes to electrical emergencies to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Smell Of Burning

Have you experienced a burning smell from a power socket recently? If so, this could be an indicator of an electrical emergency. A persistent burning scent indicates an issue relating to electricity rather than smells from cooking or heating appliances.

An unpleasant burning smell may indicate overheated wires or components, which, if left unattended, can quickly result in electrical fires, posing severe threats to yourself and others.

Therefore, it is vital that you immediately switch off the power supply and seek help from our London electricians, who can help as soon as you detect the source of this odour; only licensed electricians in London have the expertise required to diagnose and resolve potential hazards effectively – do not delay if you see one - acting sooner can save lives.

Dealing with Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are another consequence serious hazard associated with household electrical systems and should never be underestimated, even if they seem minor.

These shocks often indicate underlying issues such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning electrical equipment, adding an extra risk beyond the initial shock itself.

When confronted with an electric shock, whether you are the victim or a witness, taking quick action is paramount, with your safety taking precedence above all else.

The immediate steps to take include seeking prompt medical attention if the electrical shock is severe and has resulted in burns. Remember, your well-being should be the top priority. As a result, the affected socket or equipment should be isolated at the fuse board, a procedure previously discussed in detail.

Following these initial actions, contacting our local London electricians for help is essential. Our local London electricians possess the expertise needed to thoroughly inspect and repair your electrical system, a crucial step in preventing future incidents of this nature.

In summary, electrical shocks demand our utmost attention and care.

Prioritising safety, seeking medical assistance, and addressing the root causes of these electrical hazards through professional electrical inspections and repairs are the cornerstones of a comprehensive approach to managing this electrical emergency and potentially life-threatening issue.

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